About Me

Artist Statement

A love of the ocean and aquatic life has influenced a lot of my work; along with a  passion for materials. From lost wax bowls created from an exploration of liquid wax,  to tentacle based creatures escaping from rigid confines.

There has always been a fascination around glass, the way that it can manipulate colour and light as well as seemingly hold light and glow. Initiated from family walks on the beach in Norfolk, and the thrill of finding a blue piece, these small nuggets of colour were highly prized and a habit from my childhood.


My work explores the manipulation of colour and its placement and the way that it can be allowed to make its own patterns and shapes within. My love for colour is explored but also carefully applied so that it can be appreciated in its own right, and how the movement of the glass on the inside has been affected by the external shape and both are interconnected. The love of lost wax casting and the finish to the surface of the glass that it brings, is reminiscent of the beach glass found that started off my love for glass.


Max Jacquard/Angela Thwaites                   Core Casting course

De Montfort University                                       BA(Hons) Design Crafts

Westminster Adult Education Service          BTEC Glass Casting

Richmond Upon Thames College                  BTEC National Diploma in 3d Art and Design


Glass and Ceramics Technician at Nottingham Trent University

Temp Assistant to Max Jacquard

Contemporary Glass Society online exhibition

Artists in Residence Show

Assisted in the set up of ‘Melt’ at London Glassblowing Gallery

Stanislav Libenský Award Exhibition, Prague Castle

Design Crafts Degree show

All Manner of Wonders – 2nd year show



Nominated for the Stanislav Libenský Award


Material Knowledge






Mould Making

Plaster Lathe and multipart ceramic moulds

Glass Casting sacrificial moulds

Prop Design at UAL short course

CAD Programs